Peculiar, Pragmatic and Plain Sailing


eTag is an innovation that eases the process of check-in at the airport for the passengers. This tag is hung on the luggage for the completion of the digital transformation of the check-in process. It brilliantly eliminates the negative experience of the passengers, being the checking-in online through smartphone and tablet to receive the digital boarding passes and still waiting in a queue for a long time at the airport to test their bags in.

However, eTag enables the incorporation of bags by extending the web check-in process in the airline’s App. Travelers can now arrive at the airport with their boarding pass and their bags tagged with this smart eTag. This would make the departure procedures easy and fast.


Crafting this remarkable innovation has given our team an excellent experience. It involved a broad spectrum of work, from developing the hardware, firmware and at last the application. The prototyping of the eTag was also provided by us. Our expertise in embedded software and agile hardware designing led to covering up the work before the expected time.


The upshot of all the expertise and experience was eTag. It is eventually a two-sided electronic bag tag that behaves in the same way as the old-school paper tags. It gets attached temporarily to the handle of the bag which makes it easy to remove and swap to a different bag. The eTag does not cause any damage to the bag and saves time of the user together with tonnes of paper per annum. This brings about a positive change in the environment and no wonder keeps the consistency up.

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