Cheap, Utilitarian and Felicitous


Swiss-based startup aiming to provide cheap clean energy to people who are still using kerosene for lighting. Hilyte solution is capable of producing enough power that can charge a phone as well as give light in a room for one whole night. While the research and development team are working from Neuchatel, the Tanzanian branch was created for producing and distributing the solution locally. This allows the team to know the end user requirements and build a product that correctly fits the prerequisite.


The solution can be created and implemented when we know the reality of the problems faced by the people. With regards to this, Hilyte team visited people to experience their problems and derived a concept in their mind. We with our expertise helped them to actualize their idea. We also provided additional services like prototyping and pilot testing of the final product before delivering it to help the people of Tanzania. Serving the ones who want to bring a positive change in someone else's life is what we believe and therefore provided aid to the Hilyte team to help the people in need.


Good solutions are a result of proper research and hard work. Thereby, resulting in two technologies being tested in 2020 which would enable to achieve the goal of providing light to all people and enough energy to charge their phones at home. One of the technologies uses its own battery while the other uses a wise mix of solar and electronics. However, both emphasize decentralization and empower the rural people. People from the rural are recruited as agents to be a contact between rural customers and the company itself. These rural agents allow us to know more and detailed needs of the rural people. Hence, the discussions between these agents and our Tanzanian staff drives the product development.

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