Tack GPS

Incredible, Worthy and Compact

Tack GPS

Tack GPS is an ultra-long lasting location tracker which enables you to locate what you love and keep your important things closer to you all the time. It is a groundbreaking standalone location tracker that runs for one whole month on a single charge in a super-compact package. There is a wide range of spectacular specs of this device which are remarkable and commendable.


They were developing a new kind of GPS tracker using the NB-IoT platform. They created a very small and compact device that can run on a battery for at least three months. This is achieved using outperformed Algos and Embedded Software Development expertise. We’ve supported them with firmware and hardware solution. In addition to that, we provided them a phone application with which the device gets paired and enables the user to monitor the location. With minimal UI/UX, we delivered a delightful experience.


We were obliged to work with them on this project and take pride to be a part of their success story. The CEO of Tack GPS was impressed by our hard work delivered to them and was happy to collaborate with us for this project. We wish such clients a lot more success in their career and look forward to work with them again.

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